Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hannah and Her Sisters...and the Director

When watching this film, released in 1986 and one of Woody Allen's best, it is tempting to try to figure which character--beyond Mickey-- really personifies the director. Perhaps it is several -- Elliot, of course--consider the timing of this film--but also Frederick and to some extent, Lee. It can be somewhat painful to watch Mia Farrow's Hannah's inner turmoil -- a turbulence that would soon not be so inner. This is all just a backward glace and idle speculation.

The film is brilliant and also vastly enjoyable as a slice of the 1980's Manhattan it offers: An independent bookstore, now defunct; SoHo before it became glitzified; Movie houses that screened movies from the past; a fledging warehouse clothing store.

On the whole Hannah and Her Sisters is a nourishingly satisfying compact loaf of life sandwiched between two Thanksgivings. Thanks to Turner Classic Movies for showing it twice this week.

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  1. This is indeed one of Woody Allen's best. He, too, became as glitzy as Soho, and as sad as a shuttered independent bookstore.