Monday, October 20, 2008

Mis-Adventures in Remakes

Some movies we hope they never remake:

Adventures In Babysitting
1987 directed by Chris Columbus
Is it true that a remake is in the works? Why? Elisabeth Shue and the rest of the cast are perfect. What can be improved? Special Effects? Why?

1987 directed by Michael Gottlieb
An extremely weird film that can leave you speechless with its genuine goofiness but it should stay just as it is. Kim Catrall and the rest are just right for the time period and the weird story. Please.

Pretty in Pink
1986 John Hughes

16 Candles
1984 John Hughes

Can we just leave these films intact as some kind of time capsules of the 1980s? The story lines, premises, characters and actors are all representative of a specific time period. Don’t muck around with it.

And one they already remade:

The Day the Earth Stood Still

The question is….why? Will the use of computer graphics and green screens make this version a better film? Does every film have to have a potential video-gaming side? The premise of the original TDTESS is more cerebral, and, okay, a little preachy like films of that time period tended to be. But understated and even a bit underdone is more effective than overblown.

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